Mission Statement

1.Develop the Continuing Medical Education on clinical oncology, improve academic and practicing level of clinical oncology professionals, encourage and support young scholars to actively participate both domestic and international academic communication, recommend and offer awards to those professionals who achieved academic success.

2.Organize and coordinate the multi-center, multi-disciplinary and multi-level cooperative research on clinical oncology that follows GCP standards and Evidence-based medicine principle; promote the transformation of medical research products into usage; promote the advanced diagnosis and treatment methods.

3.Actively develop the international and domestic academic communications; establish close contact with related academic organizations and prevention organizations; promote the friendly exchange and scientific cooperation.

4.Collect and provide domestic and international information on oncology treatment and prevention; fund or publish professional books and works; recommend and reward outstanding academic articles and papers.

5.Actively develop the public education on cancer prevention; give publicity to scientific knowledge on cancer diagnosis and treatment; promote the public activities of cancer prevention; make available the consultant service on cancer diagnosis and treatment; provide services on medicine, nursery, recovery direction and other public interest services.

6.Assist the governmental health departments to manage oncology prevention and treatment affairs; offer the best cooperations to demonstrate the oncology prevention decisions and authenticate the research products.

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